Soil & Fertilizers

Oceanview Home and Garden is a proud retailer of Fafard soils and fertilizers. To find out more about these professional quality products please follow the following links to the Fafard website. Canadian Soil Website

Featured recommended soils and fertilizers at Oceanview:

  • Bio Sol - Sea Compost : Provides nutrients and organic matter for healthy root growth. Contains seaweed which stimulates plant growth, Increases water retention of sandy soils. Bio Sol is ideal for lawn top dressing, preparation and maintenance of vegetable gardens, planting and maintaining trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials and Fertilizing flower boxes.  
  • Veranda Mix :  2X more blooms than most popular container mixes & 30% less watering than most popular container mixes. Contains coconut husk fibre for easy wetting and superior water retention. Specially created for planting annuals in flower boxes, patio containers and hanging baskets.
  • Viva Lawn :  Provides ideal germination conditions - results in 5 days. Lawn 2X thicker, High water retention capacity and nutritive elements. Enriched with compost and quick release natural fertilizer. Specially created for the renovation and the repair of weak or damaged lawns.
  • Gardening Top Soil : Enriched with compost. Contributes to a natural plant growth. Ideal for flower-beds, vegetable garden and lawns
  • Connaisseur Tropical Plant Mix :  Forgives over and under watering, assures rapid plant re-growth & approved for organic gardening. Ideal for indoor and tropical plants.
  • Plant Starter Natural Fertilizer : Excellent source of phosphorus which stimulates root growth and development. High organic matter content. Perfectly suitable for all types of plants Can also be used as a lawn starter fertilizer.
  • Fertilo Natural Fertilizer : Excellent source of calcium, approved for organic gardening. Particularly recommended for lawn top dressing, vegetable gardens and flower-beds.




What People Say

I love this garden center! I have had so much luck with what I purchased here. And they have such neat things that you cant' get anywhere else!

Lynn Patterson - Halifax, NS

Take a snack - so much to see! Staff are all very helpful and knowledgeable as well! Oceanview is now our go to garden centre. Make a day of it! we headed to Mahone Bay and Lunenburg after Chester.

Marita Anstey - Bedford NS

My husband and I went into Oceanview yesterday for the first time. Had no idea how large the centre is. Also had no idea that it carries pretty well every garden/patio/deck need known to us.

Marita Anstey - Bedford, NS

There is a tremendous selection of everything from wall art, to water fountains, planters and plants to name a few. Take a snack - so much to see!

Marita Anstey - Bedford, NS