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Apr 25

Organic Fertilizers: Our Top Sellers

Posted by Plant Crazy on Saturday, April 25, 2015

When your soil is deficient, your plants are also deficient. 

Add organic matter to enhance your soil! 

Our Top ORGANIC Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

Not listed in any particular order, with links to product web page for your quick reference. 

Fafard Fertilo - Pure Grandulated Hen Manure

Growing Green Earth Worm Castings - A product of Nova Scotia

Neptune's Harvest Fish & Seaweed Fertilizers - We carry the fish, seaweed and fish seaweed combo as well as the crab shell and kelp meal.

Fafard Plant Starter - Dehydrated Hen Manure and Bonemeal

Fafard Sea Compost - With Peat, Shrimp and Seaweed.

Welcome Harvest Home Bat Guano

Other top sellers include Seaboost liquid Seaweed, Gaia Green, Lobster Meal and Rubicon products

See our extensive selection in the pictures below.