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Annuals are flowers that complete their entire life cycle in the span of one growing season. Although their life is short annuals provide essential splashes of colour to your garden and property. Oceanview Home and Garden is pleased to carry hundreds of varieties of top quality ornamental annuals to compliment your garden beds, planters, and window boxes. Also, be sure to visit our annual greenhouses where you will find a unique and colourful selection of hanging baskets not easily found at large big box retail outlets.


Top 10 Annuals at Oceanview

Trailing Petunias are the all time #1 best seller; they give more bangs for the buck than any other annual with their aggressive growth (up to 3 feet across in 1 season) and profusion of color. At Oceanview we carry over 30 different colors.

Million Bells are a very close second; some people call them mini petunias because that is what they look like. They bloom prolifically all season in a multitude of colors. Some are low growing and others are mounding.

Bacopa is the best selling ‘filler’ of all the annuals with its long trailing growth habit and profusion of delicate white flowers.

Impatiens sell like mad as well, they provide as much color as the sun loving trailing petunias but they prefer shady areas.

Geraniums will always be a favorite probably because of how forgiving they are to neglect. The breeders are coming out with new varieties and color every year as well as fancy foliage varieties.

Begonias are another favorite; they grow in shade to part sun and have huge rose shaped flowers that no one can resist.

Pansies are definitely the early favorite; we get calls in March from eager gardeners wondering if the pansies are ready yet.

Margarite Daisy (Butterfly variety) sells out every single year. It is wonderful in containers as well as gardens with its tall, strong stems and bright yellow flowers it makes a great centerpiece.

African Daisy is not far behind the Butterfly Margarite with its similar habit and wonderful array of charming colors.

Dianthus is a very strong early blooming annual. All varieties bloom early and continually until frost. Dianthus Floral Lace White is our customers’ favorite.


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