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Perennials are plants that live for more than 2 years but don’t make wood like a tree or shrub. Most are completely herbaceous, dying back to the ground each year, while others remain evergreen. Perennials are the foundation of your flower garden because of their staying power and bring great pleasure to gardeners on their return each year. Visit Oceanview Home and Garden, Nova Scotia and you will find hundreds of quality perennials to choose from to suit your gardening needs.

Perennials Nova Scotia

Top 10 Perennials at Oceanview

Coneflower (Echinacea) all varieties are the hot sellers probably because they are profiled in every garden magazine in the country right now, due to all the hot new varieties being introduced. No longer do we think of the traditional purple when someone mentions coneflowers instead we see visions of yellow and orange and unusual flower shapes.

Huechera is extremely popular right now for the same reasons as the coneflower. New varieties are being introduced at a very rapid rate. They are grown for their intense foliage colors; everything form black to red to shades of yellow and orange.

Lavender ( Lavandula) has been and probably always will be on the top selling list. No one can resist the aromatic foliage as they brush against it or the delicate mauve flowers that are produced in profusion in the summer.

Wooly Thyme (Thymus psuedolanuganosis) is the most popular groundcover perennial of all time. Although used mainly as filler between stepping stones in pathways because it is so tough, some adventurous people who hate to mow grass have planted their entire lawn in wooly thyme with great success.

Delphinium, when it comes into flower simply sells itself. It is great towards the back of the border with its tall majestic stems and huge clusters of florets. It is truly a showstopper.

Daylily (Hemerocallis) will always be a great seller. Once thought of as the old fashion orange daylily that provokes memories of grandmas garden, we now have hundreds of choices. Daylilies are available in every color in the rainbow, some blooming continuously all season, some with flowers as large as 6 inches across, some with heavily ruffled edges….irresistible.

Phlox, both the groundcover variety and the tall garden phlox remain strong sellers. People flock into the garden center in the spring wanting to know what that gorgeous pink stuff is that’s crawling over their neighbor’s rock wall-ground phlox. The tall garden varieties will always be popular for attracting bees and butterflies and of course for their undeniable beauty.

Sedum is always a favorite. It is deer resistant, salt and drought tolerant and asks for very little care.

Russian Sage (Perovskia) is definitely getting noticed. Tall stems lined in aromatic silver grey foliage, topped with spikes of blue flowers that last from summer till frost. No garden should be without it.

Black Eyed Susan ( Rudebeckia) is always a sell out in the fall, as soon as they start blooming in the landscape. There’s just something about those intense gold petals against the mounded black cone shaped center that draws the eye right to it.


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