Planting Containers

Plant containers are a great option for those with limited time and space. They are perfect for apartment and condo dwellers as they allow you to enjoy gardening without a yard. Plant containers are also great accents in your backyard garden.

Visit or call Oceanview Home and Garden to inquire about our large selection of planting containers. We carry many unique styles of window planters, wall planters, garden urns, and deck rail planters.

Glazed planters are a great tool for creating an impressive colour theme on your patio garden or as an accent in your backyard garden. Oceanview Home and Garden has a large selection of glazed planters which come in a variety of finishes including matte, textured, and brilliant glossy colour.

Use colour themes when gardening.

Terra Cotta containers are one of the most popular used in gardening today. They are made from one of the first materials used by the human race and add a warm and natural earthy look to you home and garden.

One of the greatest benefits to choosing terra cotta containers is the bottom heavy characteristic of the pots which prevents your plant from blowing over in a strong Nova Scotia wind.


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