At Oceanview Home and Garden in Nova Scotia, we like trees. Trees are good! Imagine, if you can, a world without trees. We like trees because they make life more pleasant. They provide beauty, shade, and can enhance the architecture of your property. Trees also enhance our environment by moderating climate, improving air quality, and harbouring wildlife. When choosing the tree for your property visit Oceanview Home and Garden, Nova Scotia. Our professional staff will answer your questions on all varieties on hand, planting, and maintenance.

Acer Griseum

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Acer Princeton Gold 15 Gallon

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Acer Royal Red

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Betula Nigra Heritage

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Ginko Biloba Troll 1 Gallon

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Liriodendron Tulipifera

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Metasequoia Glyptostroboides

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Quercus Rubra 7 Galllon

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Tilia Cordata Glenleven 7 Gallon

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